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Energy medicine represents an alternative approach to health and healing, acknowledging the significant role played by the body's energy systems in promoting overall well-being. At its core, energy medicine recognizes that the human body possesses an intricate energy field that permeates and envelops it, and disruptions or imbalances within this field can manifest as physical or emotional symptoms.

Fundamentally, energy medicine operates on the belief that the body possesses an inherent capacity for self-healing, and this natural healing process can be optimized by tapping into and harmonizing the body's energy fields. Various techniques within energy medicine focus on realigning and rebalancing the body's energy field, thereby restoring health and vitality by working in synergy with the body's natural energy systems.

These techniques encompass a broad range of practices, including sound healing, acupuncture, acupressure, Reiki, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and numerous others. Each approach aims to clear blockages within the body's energy pathways, creating a conducive space for the free flow of energy.

While some energy medicine modalities leverage the power of intention and visualization, others directly engage with the body's electromagnetic energy. These techniques prove invaluable in mitigating stress, fostering relaxation, and effectively managing a diverse array of physical and emotional symptoms. By embracing energy medicine, individuals can embark on a holistic journey towards wellness, optimizing their body's innate healing potential and achieving a state of harmonious balance.

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Experience the transformative realm of energy medicine through my class, "An Introduction to Energy Medicine."

This empowering session is available for booking by appointment, offering a comprehensive exploration into the profound world of holistic wellness.

During this class, I guide you through a daily energy routine that lays the foundation for harnessing your body's innate healing energies. Delving deeper, the class is tailored to address specific areas that are tailored to your needs, all of which we discuss prior to your booking. These areas span a wide spectrum, from understanding and harmonizing the female cycle to fortifying the immune system, managing stress, and more.

Unlock the potential of your natural energies as they emerge as your ultimate healers. Through fundamental insights and user-friendly techniques, you will discover the art of mobilizing these intrinsic energies to serve your wellbeing.

Join me on this transformative journey and empower yourself with the wisdom to cultivate and channel your own healing energies effectively.

Holding space through sound

Sound healing is based on the idea that everything is energy and that our bodies hold an endless source of energy for healing itself.

Sound can be used to activate these self healing properties of the body, helping to restore balance and promote healing. 

Instruments used for creating these sacred sounds are tuning forks, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, gongs, drums, chimes, rattles, shakers and the voice.

The rhythmic frequencies produced by these instruments layer into an ocean of vibration. These waves interact both with the water in our bodies, with our DNA and with our chakra system aiding the intelligence of our bodies to feel, heal, relax and release,...

Sound healing can bring the body back into harmony and coherence and has a variety of benefits, including reducing stress, deepening of the breath, lowering the heart rate, improving sleep, decreasing chronic pain and promoting relaxation and mental clarity.


1 : 1  sound medicine sessions
1 : 2  sound medicine sessions
Parent + kid sessions
Group sound baths
Tibetan bowl massages
Guided meditations

All can be made by appointment.

Meditative sound journeys in group are hosted twice a month in Brussels, around every new and every full moon. Check the agenda here.

Printed gift cards for private or group sessions are available. Drop me an e-mail or send me a private message on Instagram so I can send you one by post. Digitally you can find one here.

Listen here for free to a live guided meditation on love and compassion, together with some humming, instruments such as bowls, koshis, tingshas, blended with layers of sounds, consisting of existing songs, samples and field recordings. Invited by Matinee Bxl and recorded at Decoratelier Bxl on Sunday 29 October 2023.


Photo 1 Ulrike Biets
Photo 2 Rikki Siebens
‘Siren calls / summon your inner healer through sound’

A bimonthly radio show on Kiosk Radio.

A sound meditation of healing sounds infused
with spiritual frequencies to summon your inner healer .

Guidelines for a better listening & healing experience:

Lay down somewhere quiet and set an intention...
Put on your headphones and find a nice volume for your ears.
Close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths...
Let the sounds guide you on your inner waves... 

All the episodes can be relistened to here.

A guided meditation on love and compassion I did recently, can be listened to here.

Stay tuned for more.